Duck-billed figure bearing serpentDuck-billed figure bearing serpent that has devoured a duck 2014 detaildetail   Rodeo 2012Rodeo 2012   Sailing Boat Painting, 2010Sailing Boat Painting, 2010   Sailing Boat Painting (Detail)Sailing Boat Painting (Detail) 2010 Dynamicron, 2011Dynamicron, 2011   Unger, 2013Unger, 2013   Unger (Detail)Unger (Detail)   Parisian Street Scene, 2009Parisian Street Scene, 2009   Epitaph of a Small Winner,  2012Epitaph of a Small Winner, 2012   Double Chin, 2012Double Chin, 2012   Desk Tidy with Sphinxes, 2012Desk Tidy with Sphinxes, 2012   The Lower Leg, 2012The Lower Leg, 2012   Beggar, 2011Beggar, 2011   Cyclops, 2011Cyclops, 2011   Perch/Colour Study, 2010Perch/Colour Study, 2010   Mexicana, 2010Mexicana, 2010   Blowtorch, 2010Blowtorch, 2010   Bronze with Pear, 2011Bronze with Pear, 2011   192 Minutes (2010) 192 Minutes (2010)   Icon, 2010Icon, 2010   Intentional Fallacy, 2007Intentional Fallacy, 2007   Breakfast in the Expanded Field Breakfast in the Expanded Field 2011 Breakfast in the Expanded FieldBreakfast in the Expanded Field (Detail) Breakfast in the Expanded FieldBreakfast in the Expanded Field (Detail) Untitled (camel), 2008Untitled (camel), 2008   Untitled (Heads), 2009Untitled (Heads), 2009   Untitled (Heads) (Detail)Untitled (Heads) (Detail)   Untitled (Heads) (Detail)Untitled (Heads) (Detail)   Celestine, 2009Celestine, 2009   Nero, 2009Nero, 2009   Winged After Eights, 2007Winged After Eights, 2007   Counterfactual, 2006Counterfactual, 2006   Panther, 2005Panther, 2005   Carp-dioxid, 2006Carp-dioxid, 2006   Quexalcoatl, 2006Quexalcoatl, 2006   Flex and Slop, 2010Flex and Slop, 2010   Chewing on a Non-ExistentChewing on a Non-Existent Marrowbone, 2004 J washing feet of P, 2004J washing feet of P, 2004